Monday, June 1, 2009

Today with RA

So, today is one of those days where my RA is kind of in the forefront of my mind. I had an infusion treatment last Thursday afternoon. When I have an infusion, I go to the doctor's office and sit in a recliner in a room with an iv and get a big dose of meds. It lasts 6 hours, and then I go back 2 weeks later and the second dose, which lasts 3 hours. 3 days after my infusion I am feeling pretty darn rough. You know, when I got my RA diagnosis, I had no idea how it would affect my life. I have come to accept the fact that it isn't going away. I can however lead a very productive and happy life. The pain management at times is hard, and the medicines that I take are super yucky, but all of this given some time will work to regulate my symptoms. I just have to be patient. Today is hard, because I am wiped out from the infusion, Jimmy is at work, and my sweet little boy is a ball of energy! I'll manage because I have to, and when Shane is happy, I am happy. He is a toddler, so he doesn't know that his mama is not feeling great and I like it that way. Everything is perfect in his world and so it should be. Maybe I will sit outside with him and let him play in the backyard when he wakes from his nap. He will enjoy that.

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